The best hot stone massage therapy in Tamarindo Beach

What to expect from a hot stone massage?

A hot stone massage treatment is special. Also here at Tamarindo Massage, we offer this centuries-old massage technique to our customers. Treatment starts with massaging a body part. Then our therapist places smooth, heated basalt stones. These black stones come directly from nature. These volcano stones have been in riverbeds and are filled with clean and energetic resources for centuries. According to ancient Indian stories, the four elements earth, water, fire, and air are included in these basalt stones. Due to the volcanic origin, the dense rock contains a high percentage of magnesium and iron, which means they retain heat for a long time.

Because the stones are placed at a pleasant temperature of around 45 degrees, you will experience their powerful, healing, and deep effect. The massage, we perform with natural essential oils. These oils have a detoxifying, cleansing effect on your body. The combination of the massage, the warmth, and the pleasant weight of stones, will make sure that you are going to experience a true pleasure.

Top 10 benefits of hot stone massage

Hot stone massage therapy helps your muscles to relax and stimulate the functioning of your organs. They have an extra deep effect on the connective tissue. The result? You get new energy, feel fitter and your body becomes more balanced. But there is more. Find-out 10 more benefits you can experience after a good hot stone massage.

  1. Soothing effect on the spastic gut, PMS, back pain, stress.
  2. Blockages and hardening in muscles are more easily solved.
  3. Helps you to sleep better.
  4. Helps to relieve autoimmune disease symptoms.
  5. Can strengthen the immune system.
  6. Increases/ restore energy levels.
  7. Circulation and lymphatic flow are stimulated.
  8. Body wastes materials are transported faster and better.
  9. Necessary nutrients are better transported to the cells.
  10. Detoxifies organs such as kidneys and liver.

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How to prepare for a hot stone massage

The massage will have more effect if you can relax well. So hereby we give you some tips with which you can prepare for the massage.

  • If necessary, take a warm shower before the massage so that there is already some relaxation.
  • Put on comfortable clothing.
  • Remove all your jewelry.
  • Switch off your telephone.
  • Once you lie down, breathe in and out three times.
  • Try to concentrate on the hands of the person you massage and enjoy the exercise.
  • Don’t try to talk. But indicate if you do not experience something as pleasant.
  • Do not try to help when an arm or leg is lifted, this will cancel out the relaxation.
  • The effect of a massage often works longer after treatment. Give yourself the time and space for it and take a rest after the massage
  • Drink plenty of water after the massage! It is good to drink a lot after a massage. This is how the body can dispose of loose waste materials.

Yet there may be a number of situations in which some or no hot stone therapy may be applied. Before the massage, it is best to tell during the intake of possible contra-indicates. Of course, we will tread this information confidential. If there is a contradiction or there is doubt, we ask you first to contact your doctor before starting the treatment.

Hot stone massage contraindications and considerations

There are several contraindications and considerations known. When you have a condition or if you doubt your personal circumstances we always advise you to consult your doctor.  To give you an idea we sum up a number of known contraindications and considerations.

A contraindication is a reason not to perform a treatment method. We can distinguish between relative and absolute contraindications.  A relative contra-indication means that in some cases it is allowed to massage, but that certain places on the body must be avoided and/or in consultation with a doctor.  An absolute contraindication means that absolutely no massaging should be performed.

Relative contraindications Hot stone massage

  • Bruising 
    Bruises should not be massaged, nor should hot stones be placed on these places.
  • Varicose veins
    Do not massage the spots with varicose veins or cover them with warm stones.
  • Rheumatism
    In most cases, rheumatism is a contra-indication for Hot stone massage, but with certain forms of rheumatism, massage is possible, for example, if there is no active inflammation. Consult this with a medical expert.
  • Pregnancy
    What you can massage and in which phase of the pregnancy varies greatly. If a Hot stone massage is really used during pregnancy, this must always be done in consultation with a doctor.

Absolute contraindications Hot stone massage

  • Diabetes
    The massage and the hot stones can cause light burns and bruises in sensitive skin that will make it harder for someone with diabetes to heal.
  • Skin inflammation Because

skin inflammation already releases heat automatically; a Hot stone massage will only aggravate the inflammation. So no Hot stone massage until the skin inflammation has completely disappeared.

  • High blood pressure

Due to the heat released during a hot stone massage, blood pressure will rise.  If someone is already suffering from high blood pressure, this massage is therefore not suitable.

  • Burn-out or extreme fatigue

Although a Hot stone massage is an excellent treatment for reducing stress, it is an absolute contra-indication for burn-out and extreme fatigue.  Due to the deep effect, the effect of the massage can sometimes be felt for days. Therefore people with burnout or who are extremely tired will feel even more tired.

Again, if you have any doubt about whether taking a hot stone massage is okay for you, or when you have a medical condition, let us know. Our therapist can advise you, or talk to your doctor.

Do you want to experience the power of a Hot Stone Massage?

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