Sports massage given by a therapist in Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Sports massage for better sports performances and preventing and/or treating injuries

There is a massage therapy specialist for athletes who want to perform better. The way it works is that relaxing the muscle allows the athlete to have a better performance for the next time he or she does the same activity. This treatment called sports massage is not only performance-enhancing it also is a good way to treat injuries or even better, prevent you from having injuries.

This massage service is not only for athletes who perform at a high level. We also treat recreational athletes.

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Why do athletes benefit?

  1. Like deep-tissue massages, this treatment helps to move the lactic acid easier.
  2. It helps to recover muscles, tendons, ligaments, and articulations.
  3. Massage therapists focus on treating specific areas of the body. These areas are injured, overused or are tide from exercising.

How does athletic massage work?

Our sports massage therapist will stretch your body and make specific movements on the muscles. This massage is performed by applying oil on to the body.

world-class professionals to weekend surfers. Of course also for all other kinds of athletes.