Thai massage, what do you need to know?

What is included with a Thai massage?

Nowadays therapeutic Thai massage is offered in trendy spas. Also, we at Tamarindo massage offer this treatment at our salon. But what you might not know is that this therapy goes back a long time in history.

These Asian massage treatments date al the way back until 2500 years ago. The Thai Clergymen Buddhists are the spiritual fathers of Thai Massage.  It involves passive stretching and flexing under controlled and delicate pressure. Regular Thai Massage Therapy will lead to extended flexibility, less muscle, and joint rigidity and more balance.

How is Thai therapeutic massage performed?

Like mentioned above, Thai massage therapy is performed with controlled and with a suitable amount of compression.  A therapist will guide the muscles in the right direction using her or his hands, knees, feet, toes, and fingers.

Traditional Thai massages take place on a (yoga)mat, futon or on the floor. The client can stay dressed during the treatment. But for the best result, it is recommended to wear stretchy and comfortable clothes. Similar to yoga clothes.

The Thai Massage therapist at work

The session starts when you are placed on the mat, floor or futon. The therapist will slowly start with rocking, pulling, and stretching your muscles and guide your body into yoga-like positions. The clients only need to stay relaxed and let the therapist move the body. No effort is required.

A professional and skilled therapist will use the right tactics, sequences, and positions that are needed and suitable for the individual needs of the client.

Thai massage, Thai massage, what do you need to know?What are the advantages of a Thai therapeutic massage?

The advantages of receiving an Oriental Massage is more than only a relieve of strain, sore, stiff and rigid muscles, joints, and articular capsules.

Research also shows that Asain massage therapy reduces the buildup stress levels in one’s muscles. In addition, these massage sessions can boost up one’s energy level. This because a trained Thai massage therapist knows how to manipulates energy lines the way you feel less fatigue and more vibrant.

Is Thai Massage is beneficial for blood circulation?

Yes, the stretching and moving of the body via yoga poses is good for the blood flow. The increase of oxygen in muscle tissue is the main reason for this.

The mental advantage of Thai massages

The reduction of stress hormones, a better blood circulation, pain reliever, increasing energy levels by manipulating the sow called energy lines, the letting go of the mind during the therapy they all beneficial for your mind. It will help to produce feel-good hormones, make your mind gain “flexibility” and helps to get in balance.

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