Are massages good for you? You will find it out here


Yes, massages are good for you!!

Of course, we believe in the healing power of a good massage treatment. It is our profession here at Tamarindo Massage! We believe everybody should benefit from massage therapy. At least once in a while.

So do you want to stay fit? Then you might read this article with some extra attention. You will find the information that will help you with answering the question “ are Massages good for you ”

Picture are massages good for you articleThe benefits of massage

First of all, massage therapy will help you with your blood circulation. It will improve the transportation of essential nutrients. Also, it will help your body detox by removing the toxins. For the muscles is a good blood flow essential. When you move your muscle it will produce lactic acid. This toxin can be piling up in the muscles. This is what we all know as the knots that cause so much pain. In terms massage therapy also known as trigger points.

These trigger points make us feel lingering, less vibrant, and less energetic than we want to feel. With a good trigger point massage therapy, we stimulate the transportation of this lactic acid out of our system.

Most of our clients feel so much difference when their notes are removed from their shoulders, back, and heads. It frees their mind, relaxing them and giving them so more energy.

Improve your health by enforcing your immune system

More and more research shows that the effect improves the well-being of those who enjoy a massage treatment. The study shows that after a Massage session the number of white blood cells increases. These cells will help you to resist viruses and infections. Also, a Massage will decrease the level of the stress hormone cortisol. Because of the deeply relaxing effect of the treatment, our body switches our nerve system over into a recovering mode.

The effect on our mind

Sometimes hanging around on a nice beach like Tamarindo Beach or Playa Langosta is not enough anymore. Too much stress for a long period of time can lead to feeling down and restless. Only a holiday won’t do it anymore. Massage therapy will help you feel better, relaxed, and energetic again.

It is a fact that massages stimulate your brain to produce more of the feel-good hormones like dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin. For those of us who have grinding thoughts, we recommend a massage treatment. Your thought will move to the background after time passes by. Also when you are struggling with some problems/issues a Massage will help you to deal with them.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]