Back pain? We know how to help you with that


Our massage tips for when your back pain is killing you

When you give a massage on the back you should make sure that the pressure you are about to apply  is appropriate. This will avoid damaging the muscles and inflict more back pain on the affected zone of the body.

Back pain can become really uncomfortable, the most of us will know how this can fee. Even in  some occasion, it could even make a person to stop making their daily task as normally. Thus, any practice of massage thechnique that help to relieve this pain is more than welcome.

Massage for back pain in Tamarindo Guanacaste

Extra tip how to apply warm oil with back pain massage

One of the best ways to apply the warm oil is by the effleurage technique.  This means a soft and light friction on the skin. After that you scan the skin for tension or swollen spots on the surface.

Is your back pain is hurting or even stopping you at the moment

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