Massage therapy in Tamarindo Costa Rica

Massage therapy Tamarindo

By choosing the right Massage Therapy your body will relax and start with healing and a possible recovery process. The right therapy for you depends on your situation. Our therapist will advise you in the process of choosing the right therapy.  Also, they can advise you to prevent further discomfort and to make some positive lifestyle changes.

Benefits of Massage therapy in TamarindoDifferent types of massage therapy

At Tamarindo Massage our therapist will let you choose from a variety of treatments. According to the needs, preferences, the complaint(s), discomfort, and or injuries, she will advise you what the best treatment is for you.

This can be a standalone treatment but also a treatment plan. Working with this kind of plan usually shows good results in cases of persistent and or complex complaints.

The types of massage therapy we offer are:

If you do not want to go alone, you can even call for a couples massage.

Massage therapy techniques

Our therapist uses several different massage techniques during a treatment session. The pressure, intensity, duration, order, range of motion and mixture of the massage technique are attuned to reach the acquired effects.

A list of the most commonly used techniques are:

  1. Trigger Point technique.
  2. Kneading.
  3. Gliding.
  4. Tapping.
  5. Compressing.
  6. Stretching.
  7. Stroking.
  8. Releasing.
  9. Rubbing.
  10. Vibrating.
  11. Pressuring.

Massage therapy benefits 

Although we already talked about this at the beginning of this article on Massage Therapy.  We give you a list of Massage therapy benefits:

  1. Reduction of muscle tension.
  2. Pain reduction when dealing with a frozen shoulder.
  3. Relaxing effect on the mind and body.
  4. Pain-relieving effect.
  5. Mood-boosting.
  6. Stress reduction.
  7. Anxiety reduction.
  8. Injury recovering.
  9. Injury preventing.
  10. Flexibility improvement.
  11. Help you deal with chronic pain.
  12. Increasing energy levels.
  13. Relieve with migraine complaints.
  14. Support persons dealing with depression.
  15. Improvement of blood circulation.
  16. Improves sleep.
  17. Can lower blood pressure.

Can I get massage therapy at home?

The answer is Yes! At Tamarindo Massage we offer the service to our customers. At least for people who are staying in Tamarindo Beach and its surroundings (Playa Grande, Playa Langosta, and Tamarindo Centre).

So if you want to book an on-site massage therapy in Tamarindo, you can call us, and if needed one of our therapists will give you tailor-made advise for your treatment.